The Moviehouse in Millerton, New York
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Screen Ads

Im:age.= n 1. The character projected to the public, especially as interpreted by mass media; the opinion or concept of something, someone that is held by the public; 2. a reproduction of the form of a person or object; a likeness. 3.A vivid description or representation of an idea; 4.One’s identity.

Digital Image Advertising
Same as above Plus:
Dynamic Vibrant Graphic Messages that have Purpose, Reach and Frequency in Your Local Market Area.

Digital Image Ads On The Big Screen:

At The Moviehouse, Millerton, NY
More than 70,000 people attend The Moviehouse to view a selection of first run Hollywood, Independent, and Foreign films. Digital Image Advertising runs continuously on the big screens before each movie and at all times in the lobby.These images will be prepared by us with your input and final approval.We can advertise your business, product or service in a dynamic medium, in a comfortable environment, to a captive attentive audience. This kind of consistent frequency registers in visual memory; to be recalled at a time of need. Your ad can be changed to reflect special promotions or events. All advertising and P S A’s are from our Local Communities… We believe in a strong network of local businesses and services.

Some conclusions from the:
“Arbitron Cinema Advertising Study of 2003”
The full report is downloadable at

Most moviegoers see your ad:
90% of the theater audience arrives 10-15 minutes in advance.

Moviegoers go out:
63% of the audience visit a restaurant, or go shopping immediately before or after a movie.

Moviegoers are in the prime buying years:
43% of cinema patrons are 21-39 years old. The median is 31.

Moviegoers are open to screen advertising:
66% of movie patrons don’t mind cinema advertising, in fact it is more acceptable than internet advertising.

Moviegoers remember your ad:
In-theater advertising has over three times the recall of TV ads; 96.6% of movie patrons will remember your image one hour later as compared to only 27% for TV advertising.

It is Easy to Join our Advertisers:

What we need from You:

  1. Fifteen minutes of your time to formulate your Image and the Message.
  2. A Digital photo as a jpg file, or we can scan your print.
  3. Your Logo or Trademark in reproduction quality.

Be Creative:
Unlimited promotional possibilities connect businesses and services with cinema patrons.

Optional Choice: The Ad-Links in the Advertisers Column
Choose to be included in the column at the right side of each Moviehouse web site page. These Ad-Links
rotate (approximately every minute) so that your link moves to the top with all of the others.

Contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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